Brazilians Investing in Miami Real Estate

Real estate agents in Miami have been benefiting from the meteoric rise in Brazilian dollars that are flooding into the state. Money spent in 2011 nears $1.6 Billion and is attributed to the success of the Brazilian economy as Brazilians are looking into Miami’s real estate and investment opportunities.

Why the Boom?

Brazil has seen a surge in the prices of their real estate and the currency has gained roughly 45% against the U.S. dollar since 2008. As America still recovers from a heavy real estate decline Brazilians are sweeping in to purchase bargain vacation homes and investment properties they can flip.

State of the Miami Real Estate Market

Since the surge Miami’s condo market has seen housing sales increase 79% since the same time in 2010. 2011 marked a tremendous increase in the sale of real estate in Miami and Brazilians and other internationals had a lot to do with it. Brazilians are only third behind Canadians and Venezuelans as the most frequent buyers of homes and apartment sales in Miami.

Big Spending

The 45% increase against the dollar marks the one of the best performances amongst the world’s emerging market currencies. Brazil is Latin America’s biggest economy and has shown strong gains year after year. Brazilians are clearly confident in the stability of their economy despite less favorable trends seen in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. 2011 marked a time where as many as half of the downtown Miami condos purchased by internationals for more than $500,000 were bought by Brazilians. They also accounted for about half of sales of more than $1 million in the Miami Beach area.

Why Buy In Miami?

Miami is an international city in every sense of the word and is a hotbed for food, culture, fashion, shopping and great weather as well as a more stable economy than other cities throughout the state of Florida. The inflation in Brazils more populated cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia have the real estate more expensive than any U.S. city. The home prices in Brazil have risen nearly 25% and as high as 44% in Rio. Contrast this to the cost of housing in the U.S. that has dropped to levels not seen since 2003. Homes in the Miami area alone have seen decreases in price as much as 50% less than what they peaked at in December of 2006, making this an opportune time to buy for Brazilians looking to invest or purchase a vacation property.

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