CHARACTERISTICS RUSSIAN WOMEN VALUE MOST IN guys Russian girls are special plus they try to find a special guy. Every girl displays an obvious image of her ideal spouse. It could alter over time as a lady gets more capable and her priorities change. Nevertheless, many Russian females try to find one as well as the same men’s traits and virtues. Tenderness and kindness. Although they are not to manly characteristics, Russian girls want a guy whom just isn’t afraid to convey their feeling and show their other, tender, component. Many men that are russian tough and inconsiderate. They believe that a personcan’t allow himself any weaknesses otherwise he shall be ridiculed by their buddies. Since Russian women lack men’s sensitiveness, they empower their perfect image using this trait. Honesty. Any fruitful relationship is based, to start with, on shared trust and sincerity. There was a saying in Russia that bitter facts are constantly better compared to a lie that is sweet. […]